India China Border Tension : India is taking possible steps to strengthen its side

by amolwarankar
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New Delhi: India has compromised to maintain peace with China all the time. It even dedicated China, a permanent membership in the Security Coucil. The Tibet conditions were compromised to maintain peace with China. However, it did not work well and continued to make strategies against India. The recent example of it is tensions on LAC along Ladakh borders.

China has deceived India by creating a wave of anti-India in other neighbouring countries. China’s interference in the Indian subcontinent has continued to grow. However, India is changing its image of being passive and taking an active stance on itm

The process of change started from the year 2014 made by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. PM visited neighbouring countries such as Bhutan and Nepal to strengthen the ties. Countries falling under the purview of the Himalayas are part of the special friendship and sovereignty of India. India cannot ignore them even in terms of security. The Cold War transformed India into a second-class country.

In 2017, the quadrilateral dimension were formed. India, America, Japan and Australia became integral parts of it. Asia Pacific was transformed into Indo-Pacific. India was given special importance.

China’s neighboring countries began to engage in military exercises with India. China, in turn, began to strengthen its military momentum in the Indian subcontinent. Pakistan was already under the influence of China, which has completely stuck on China’s back like a leech having no independent stand.

President of China is fighting for his political existence by creating a nationalism feeling among the citizen. Whatever has happened so far in the Galvan valley has happened at its behest, as he is also the commander of the three forces. An American magazine recently claimed that China had three times as many military casualties in the violent clashes on LAC in June that China is still not talking about.

India-China relations could not be maintain as it was before 2020. India has already pushed Pakistan down on military and diplomacy level. Through its diplomatic talks with Russia, Europe and America, India has strengthen its ties.

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