Health Minister Rajesh Tope hints strict lockdown in state if situation worsens

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Pune : Deccan ExpressHealth Minister Rajesh Tope | Restrictions in the state have been relaxed as the cases of corona are decreasing in the state. Restrictions will be relaxed in the state from August 15 in areas with low patient numbers. A decision to this effect was taken at the state cabinet meeting held today. In this meeting, rules regarding Mumbai local travel, hotels, theaters, restaurants, malls, offices have been announced. Health Minister Rajesh Tope informed about the decision of the state government. During the third wave, Rajesh Tope promised to impose strict lockdown in the entire state if the situation worsens. He also clarified that during the third wave, decisions will be taken according to the situation.

The state will need 3800 metric tonnes of oxygen
Health Minister Rajesh Tope said a decision would be taken on the lockdown on the oxygen situation in the state. According to the third wave, the total liquid medical oxygen produced in the state is 1300 metric tons. The industrial sector has promised to increase oxygen production by another 200-300 metric tonnes. A total of 450 PSA plants have been ordered in the state. Of these, oxygen production has started in 141 plants. Even if full capacity is used, up to 1700-2000 metric tons of oxygen can be produced. As per the suggestion of the Center, it has been asked to make double arrangements of the arrangements which were during the peak of the second wave. So the state could need 3,800 metric tons of oxygen, Tope said.

Strict lockdown in the state

Rajesh Tope, while talking about relaxing the restrictions, has given a warning about the lockdown in the state. Due to the oxygen situation, it has been decided that in the third wave, on the day when the state needs 700 metric tons of oxygen per day, strict lockdown on auto mode will be applied in the state. As other states also need more oxygen, it cannot be said that the state will be able to get timely help from the Center. Therefore, we have taken this decision in this regard, said Rajesh Tope.

200 people allowed for the wedding ceremony
An important decision was taken at today’s cabinet meeting to relax restrictions in the state. Accordingly, restaurants have been approved up to 50 per cent of capacity. Weddings held in open courtyards or lawns were allowed a maximum of 200 people. So 50 per cent is allowed according to the seating capacity of the hall. No more than 100 people will be allowed.

Private offices will be open 24 hours a day
Employees of government and semi-government establishments, banks and railway employees have been instructed to take precautionary measures. It also allows establishments of private industrial management personnel whose vaccinations have been completed to start at full capacity. Apart from the fact that private offices can be open 24 hours a day, an important decision was taken today. It has been suggested that if private offices maintain 25 per cent attendance in a session as required rather than being crowded at the same time, private offices can continue.

Health Minister Rajesh Tope hints strict lockdown in state if situation worsens

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