Harsimrat Kaur Badal : Farmer bill will make agriculture sector just like telecom sector after Jio

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New Delhi: Harsimrat Kaur Badal, leader of the Shiromani Akali Dal, who quit the ministerial post in protest against the farmer bill presented by the central government, has said that farmers are worried that due to the new law, private companies will control the agriculture sector in the coming days.

Harsimrat said that she has talked to many farmers about this bill. Citing the example of a rural farmer, ‘ Mukesh Ambani, Jio came in, they gave free phones. When everyone bought those phones and got dependent on the same, the competition was wiped out and Jio increased their rates. This is exactly what the corporates are going to do’,” Mrs Badal narrated the same.

Harsimrat said in an interview to a TV channel, “A farmer gave us an example of the impact of the new provisions of the Center.

The former Union Minister said that he asked the Modi government to listen to the concerns raised by farmers many times. She also suggested to talk to them before presenting the bill. “I have said many times that no law should be brought which is anti-farmer. How can you bring anything without knowing people’s view. I tried hard to convince them, but I failed to explain my point,” added Harsimrat.

She told, “When it came to me before the ordinance was made, I had said that farmers have dilemmas about it. That should be cleared out and the state governments should also take some steps in their confidence. Before the ordinance came in June, I said in the cabinet that there is a lot of opposition to this ordinance among the farmers at the ground level.

According to Harsimrat, she held meetings with farmers and peasant organizations continuously for two months before the ordinance came. But when the bill was on the agenda of the Parliament, I understood that my party was not supporting the dialogue. The former minister also said that she had no concern with the statements of the opposition.

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