Gujarat University : Salma Qureshi becomes first Muslim woman to get PhD in Sanskrit

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Ahmedabad : So far no Muslim woman has done PhD in Sanskrit Department of Gujarat University. Salma Qureshi has become the first Muslim woman to get her PhD done in Sanskrit. She has completed her PhD on the subject “Method of teaching as described in Puranas” in Sanskrit. For which the notification of PhD was given by the university.

Informing about this, Atul Unagar, Assistant Professor and Guide of the University, said, “The Sanskrit Department has been running since 1964. Apart from Salma Qureshi, no Muslim has taken admission for Ph.D. in this subject till date. Only one Muslim woman in Gujarat has done her PhD from Saurashtra University. While the importance of Sanskrit, the oldest Indian language, is declining, on the other hand, understanding the importance of Sanskrit, a Muslim student from Amreli district has done this study which is a matter of pride. She also speaks Sanskrit very well.”

Salma Qureshi said, “I was already fond of reading Gita, Puranas, scriptures so I decided to do a PhD in this subject since I was in school.” Apart from this, she preferred the teaching method suggested in the Vedas and Puranas, so she chose the same subject. “I want to become a professor in Sanskrit in the future for which I was already practicing to speak Sanskrit. I want to practice even more so that I can inspire others in the future.”

In 56 years, only 200 students have done PhD in Sanskrit
At present, more than 50 students are doing PhD in Sanskrit in Gujarat University. The department has been running for the last 56 years and so far more than 200 students have done their PhD. Studies for PhD in Sanskrit are available in about 10 universities of Gujarat.

Gold medal to Salma in Masters
Salma Qureshi has done college from Bhavnagar University in which she has also been a University Gold Medalist with Sanskrit subject in Master. Her cousin Farida Qureshi is also doing her PhD with Sanskrit subjects in Gandhinagar college.

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