Government to now impose heavy duty on Chemical Flexible Slabstock Polyol exporting company

by amolwarankar
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New Delhi: The government may impose anti-dumping duty on the Chemical Flexible Slabstock Polyol used in making foam. According to media reports, Manali Petro chemical had complained to the Directorate General of Trade Remedies of the Ministry of Commerce regarding the dumping of Flexible Slabstock Polyol in India from Saudi Arabia and UAE. Its investigation confirmed that huge quantities of Flexible Slabstock Polyol are being dumped.

The DGTR (Directorate General of Trade Remedies) has now released its final notification after investigation. This means that the government has made up its mind for anti-dumping duty and soon the Finance Ministry will issue a notification.

The DGTR has recommended imposition of antidumping duty on Flexible Slabstock Polyol in its notification. It has been recommended to levy duty on this from $ 101.81 per ton to $ 235.02 per ton.

Soda ash may also be subjected to anti-dumping duty – a big decision may be taken soon on the damage caused to the domestic soap industry by dumping foreign raw materials. The government may impose anti-dumping duty on goods imported from the US and Turkey also.

The Directorate General of Trade Remedies, or DGTR, has currently recommended imposing provisional anti-dumping duty on it. The DGTR started an investigation into the dumping after complaints from Indian companies regarding the import of soda ash.

Based on preliminary investigation, instructions have been given to impose anti-dumping duty on soda ash at $ 275 per metric ton. It is extensively used in making soaps and detergents. All the concerned companies have given time to express their opinion by September 30. Only then a final decision will be taken on anti-dumping duty.

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