Ganges Water Will Kill Coronavirus, Claims BHU Doctors

by pranjalipargaonkar
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New Delhi: Coronavirus epidemic has become a worldwide disaster these days, due to which around 80 thousand people have lost their lives in India so far. The number of corona infections has also increased rapidly to around 50 lakh. All countries are working to find a vaccine to prevent corona. Meanwhile, the doctors of BHU (Banaras Hindu University) have made a big claim. Doctors claim that Corona will now be defeated by Ganges water.

A nasal spray of Ganges water has also been prepared. In fact, the team of doctors of BHU has prepared a spray from the bacteriophage virus that eats the bacteria in the Ganges water. It has been claimed that corona can be easily treated with this. Hypothesis research has been done on this, which has been accepted by the International Journal of Microbiology in the month of September. Now a proposal has been made to the Ethical Committee of Institute of Medical Sciences. After getting approval there, further action will be initiated.

BHU’s Institute of Medical Sciences and Sir Sunder Lal Hospital, Prof. of the Department of Neurology, BHU, VN Mishra has formed a team. Professor Mishra told that Hypothesis research was done by collecting data from research already published in papers and journals in the country and abroad. It was informed that samples of bacteriophages were taken from 17 places including Gomukh, Bulandshahar, Kanpur, Prayagraj, Varanasi.

It was found that where the Ganges is completely clean, it has the ability to kill other bacteria. He said that this research has been accepted only on September 2. It is expected to be published soon. Meanwhile, a proposal has been sent to IMS for spray treatment. After getting approval from there, a plan has been made for clinical trials on 198 corona patients. Professor Mishra said that if you succeed, everyone can get corona medicine in the form of nasal spray for only Rs. 10.

It has been told that a survey has been conducted on those who bathe daily in the Ganges and also who drink this water. It has been found that no one of them has corona. Yes, the other 20 members of their household did definitely get corona, who were not involved in the process.

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