Facebook’s big statement comes as the deadline for all foreign internet media approaches, rules to be followed

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Deccan Express

Facebook’s big statement comes as the deadline for all foreign internet media companies operating in the country to comply with the rules is approaching. “We will abide by the provisions of the IT rules and some issues are under discussion,” the company said. According to ANI, a Facebook spokesperson said, “Our goal is to comply with the provisions of the IT rules and continue to discuss some issues that need to be discussed with the government.”

IAS Rajeshwari B. tweets on the issue of District Collector Ranbir Sharma

The central government had instructed social media companies in February to abide by certain rules. The companies were given three months to do so, which expires on May 26. These companies have not yet complied with the Centre’s rules, leading to the closure of their services in the country.

On February 25, 2021, the Union Ministry of Electronics and IT had directed the Central Government to appoint Grievance Officers, Compliance Officers and Nodal Officers within three months to regulate digital content, all of which should be based in India. Companies will have to appoint a compliance officer under the central order and their name and contact address must be in India, the new rules include general arrangements such as redressal of grievances within 15 days, monitoring of objectionable posts, etc.

Under the new rules, Internet media platforms must remove objectionable material within 36 hours of a government directive or legal order. The new rules state that all intermediaries, including social media intermediaries, must establish a grievance redressal mechanism to receive or resolve complaints from users or victims.

Only in-house micro-blogging platform Coo has completed the process of complying with the new IT Rules 2021. Koo said they have also implemented a grievance redressal system through an Indian resident chief compliance officer, nodal officer and grievance officer.

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