Do not panic if you see this side effects after inoculation

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Deccan Express

Currently people are facing the dire situation spread in country due to the second wave of corona virus. To take the situation of COVID-19 under control, the Centre has started vaccination campaign throughout the country. Despite this, still a majority of people are afraid to inoculate themselves due assuming the side effects.

According to medical experts, side-effects are normal and are not harmful for the health. This type of side effects indicates the possibilities of your immune system to fight against the virus.

What are the side effects which are commonly seen in most of the people?

A person can get caught with fever on the same day of vaccination or the next day. You can treat this by taking doctor’s advice.

Arm pain
The part of muscle where the inoculation is carried out mostly hurts for a single day. Rashes can be seen on the arm.

Muscle tissues pain is a normal thing seen in people after vaccination.

Headache too shows the signals that our body is preparing itself to fight against the virus.

Tiredness after vaccination is a common thing which shows that the body is saving oneself from the virus.

Rashes on body is a common thing according to the experts. They can last up-to one week or some more time. It is normal for a person who is allergenic but seeking doctor’s advice after rashes is necessary.

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