Did IPS Rashmi Shukla get permission from Chief Minister for phone tapping, asks Nawab Malik

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Mumbai : Deccan Express IPS officer Rashmi Shukla had filed a suit in the high court on Wednesday alleging that phone tapping was done only after the state government’s approval. Phone tapping of some important persons was done to investigate allegations of corruption in police transfers and appointments. She also alleged that she was now being made a scapegoat. Nawab Malik, National Spokesperson of NCP, has criticized former Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis on this issue. Nawab Malik asked, if Rashmi Shukla had tapped the phones of political leaders with permission, did she get permission from the then Chief Minister?

Rashmi Shukla’s lawyers have told the court that she tapped the phone with government permission. However, Nawab Malik has also alleged that permission has been obtained by misleading for phone tapping. Nawab Malik also said that Rashmi Shukla had taken permission under the guise of treason to tap the leaders’ phones.

Shukla had sought permission from the then Additional Chief Secretary Sitaram Kunte for ‘phone tapping’. Kunte had taken note of the report submitted in this regard. He also mentioned the matter of permission in his report to the government. Later, however, he misled the matter, Shukla claimed in court.

Web Title : Did IPS Rashmi Shukla get permission from Chief Minister for phone tapping, asks Nawab Malik
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