Dharavi : Drugs Worth Over Rs 2 Crore Seized In NCB Raids

by pranjalipargaonkar
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Mumbai : Action against drug mafias has been intensified in Mumbai for the past few days. However, now the anti-narcotics squad of Mumbai Police has taken major action against drugs and seized 1 kg 200 grams of drugs worth Rs 2 crore 40 lakh in the international market. The Ghatkopar unit of the Anti-Narcotics Squad carried out the operation and sent the accused to jail.

According to the information received by the Ghatkopar unit of the Anti-Narcotics Squad on the 14th, it was known that a person would come to the 90-foot road area of Dharavi to smuggle drugs. Accordingly, a unit of the Ghatkopar Anti-Narcotics Squad set a trap and handcuffed the suspected. A large stock of heroin drugs was seized from him during the search. Its value in the international market is as high as Rs 2 crore 40 lakhs.

In view of the anti-drug activities in Mumbai, the question always arises is how the drugs enter Mumbai despite tight security. Numerous types of drugs like heroin, cocaine, mephedrone are smuggled in Mumbai. The number of people who demand these drugs is also in large numbers. A few days back, the NCB investigated the Sushant Singh Rajput suicide case with a drug angle. It was reported that many high profile people were also using drugs. Mumbai is becoming a hub for drug trafficking.

The accused, identified as Manzar Din Mohammad Sheikh (47), was arrested by the anti-drug squad in Ghatkopar. Earlier in 2018, the Ghatkopar unit had taken action against him for drugs. The accused Sheikh was found to be selling large quantities of drugs in Mumbai and suburbs. Since heroin is very expensive among other drugs being seized, the police will also find out exactly who is buying these drugs.

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