DGCA has issued SOP of flights, No mask, and SOP violation can land you in ‘no-fly list’

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Deccanexpress online: The Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) has now issued a new Standard operating procedure (SOP) for passengers boarding flights. The DGCA has instructed that passengers will be required to follow the COVID-19 protocol while traveling in airplanes, which include wearing masks and keeping social distancing. If a passenger does not follow these rules, then security agencies can be assigned and legal action will be taken against them after due warning.

The new SOPs guidelines are as follow:

1. It is mandatory for Passengers to wear masks at all times during the air journey and must maintain social distancing norms. The mask should not go below the nose except in exceptional conditions.

2. Police personnel or CISF personnel posted at the airport entry will ensure that no one is allowed to enter the airport without wearing a mask. CASO and other supervisory officers must ensure this personally.

3. The Airport Director Terminal Manager shall ensure that passengers wear masks properly and maintain social distancing at all times within the airport premises.

4. If any passenger is not following the COVID-19 protocol, it will be handed over to the security agencies after due warning.

5. In aircraft, if a passenger is not wearing a mask correctly even after repeated warnings, it will be de-boarded before take-off.

If any passenger in the aircraft refuses to wear the mask or violates the COVID-19 protocol even after repeated warnings, such passenger will be put in the category of ‘Unruly Passenger’ and the airline concerned will treat the unruly passenger according to the rules, said the Directorate General of Civil Aviation

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