Delhi HC orders DGCA to put passengers who do not follow COVID protocol on ‘No-fly’ list

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Deccanexpress online:  Taking Suo motu note of the fact that many passengers in the Air India flight from Kolkata to New Delhi on March 5 wore masks below their chin and showed a “stubborn reluctance” to wear them properly, the Delhi High Court has issued guidelines for passengers and said that a passenger should be put on a “no-fly” list in case of repeated refusal to follow the Covid-19 protocol.

Justice C Hari Shankar took note of the alleged callous attitude of passengers and passed directions to the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) — the country’s aviation regulator.

“In the event of any passenger being unwilling to follow this protocol prior to the flight taking off, the passenger should be offloaded without delay. If a passenger, despite being reminded more than once in flight, refuses to follow this protocol, action should be taken against the passenger in accordance with the guidelines issued by the DGCA or the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, including placing the passenger on a no-fly regimen, either permanently or for a stipulated, sufficiently long period,” the court said.

The high court also asked DGCA to ensure it reflects prominently on its website the instructions containing the guidelines and protocols to be followed by passengers and in-flight crew in domestic flights. It also directed the airlines to ensure that written instructions regarding the protocol to be followed by passengers, including the measures that could be taken against them on failure to follow it, are provided along with the boarding pass.


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