COVID19 Vaccine : Health Minister Harsh Vardhan reveals who would avail vaccine first

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New Delhi: As millions of people around the globe continue to suffer during the coronavirus pandemic, the entire world is holding out for a cure. The coronavirus pandemic is a test for national governments, the global scientific community, and the pharmaceutical industry. Since the news of the COVID-19 vaccine is out people are excited to know how close we are to curing Covid-19. Who will be given the vaccine first?

As the expectation of getting the Coronavirus Vaccine is increasing, people are more eager to know when the vaccine will be ready and start reaching the people. The Modi government has prepared the entire framework of giving the Corona vaccine to the people. Health Minister Dr. Harsh Vardhan recently told which people will be given the Coronavirus vaccine first and why?
The Health Minister said that we are working fast in the field of the vaccine. India stands second in the world in making vaccines for COVID-19. The vaccine will be available to people in India by early 2021 next year. He also stated that when the corona vaccine is ready, priority will be given to health workers and the elderly (people above 65 years of age).

Harshvardhan also said that 40-50 crore doses will be available by July-August next year. A complete outline of their distribution has already been prepared. He said, “It has been decided that vaccines will be given to the health workers i.e. Corona Warriors first, he further added by saying that we have prepared a complete plan for this. What we have to do in March-April next year, we have already started planning it.

Given the prevailing conditions and the firepower of the virus. Priority will be given to people above 65 years of age. Then the vaccine will be given to those aged 50-65 years. The total number of COVID-19 cases is surging continuously, the figure has increased to 89,58,483 in India due to the presence of 45,576 new cases of infection with Coronavirus on Thursday. In such a situation, until the corona vaccine is formed, prevention is the only solution. Harshvardhan said that people should take full care of masks and physical distance. Should wash hands continuously. Only then can we flatten the curve and stop the spread of COVID-19.

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