COVID-19 testing kit ‘ViraGEN’ to be sold from today, May 25; All you need to know

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Deccan Express

Pharma company Cipla’s real-time Covid-19 testing kit will be available from today (Tuesday, May 25). Cipla has named this RT-PCR test kit ‘ViraGEN’. It was launched last week on May 20, 2021 by the pharmaceutical company Cipla. The real-time Corona Virus (Covid-19) testing kit will be available from Tuesday, Cipla said. Cipla has partnered with Ubio Biotechnology Systems to develop the ViraGEN testing kit. According to PTI, Cipla had said after the launch that the testing kit would help the country meet the challenges related to testing services and capacity. In addition, the company will expand into the diagnostic space.

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Cipla’s real-time Covid-19 testing kit has been approved for use by the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR). It uses multiplex PCR technology.

According to the Biospectrum General website, this helps detect the SARS Cov-2N gene and the ORF Lab gene with a sensitivity of 98.6% and a characteristic of 98.8% compared to the standard clearance test.

According to Cipla, the testing kit is designed for qualitative detection of nucleic acids by SARS-Cov-2 in the upper and lower respiratory samples of a suspect of Covid-19. Appreciating his company’s contribution in the fight against Covid-19, Cipla CEO Umang Vohra said the firm’s partnership with Ubio Biotechnology Systems will help them reach more people. He said Cipla is working tirelessly in this fight against Covid-19.

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