Covid-19 : Maharashtra reimposes restrictions till March 31

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Deccanexpress online:  Mumbai : After the continuous rise of Covid-19 cases in different parts of Maharashtra, the state government on Monday issued an order imposing restrictions. Maharashtra reported 15,051 new cases of Covid-19 along with another 10,671 recoveries and 48 more Covid-related deaths on Monday.

A data shared by the state health department says Maharashtra has 1,30,547 active cases, a recovery rate of 92.07 per cent and a case fatality rate of 2.27 per cent.

SOP for offices –
All offices in Maharashtra will be operated with 50 per cent of staff till March 31. The state government has also cautioned offices against violation of the new guidelines while advising work from home.

SOP for cinema halls, hotels, restaurants –
All cinema halls, hotels and restaurants will operate at 50 percent capacity. Also, it has been directed to restrict the entry of anyone found not wearing a face mask. Body temperature measuring devices and hand sanitizers are also to be made available at entry points.

Any cinema hall, hotels and restaurants found in violation of these guidelines will be closed until the Covid-19 pandemic stays notified as a Disaster by the central government. Non-adherence to guidelines will also attract penalties.

SOP for shopping malls –
The Maharashtra government’s order directs all shopping malls to ensure the usage of face masks along with the provision of temperature measuring devices and hand sanitisers.

Shopping malls management has also been asked to ensure that theatres and restaurants or any other establishments on the premises adhere to the new guidelines. Failure to do so will result in the closure of the mall along with penalties.

SOP for gatherings, weddings, funerals –
All social, cultural, political and religious gatherings have been further disallowed by the Maharashtra government. Violation of the guidelines will attract penalties for the owner of the premises along with the closure of the property in question.

For weddings, the state has allowed only 50 guests. At the same time, only 20 persons will be allowed to attend the last rites.

SOP for home isolation –
Anyone in home isolation will have to inform local authorities along with the contact information of their doctor. The government has asked those in home isolation to put up a board on the door for 14 days since the beginning to indicate the presence of a Covid-19 patient.

In addition, the home quarantine stamp will be affixed on the Covid-positive patient and family members will be advised to restrict their movements and strictly adhere to the use of face masks.

SOP for places of worship –
The Maharashtra government has advised the use of online reservations for places of worship. Also, the management trusts of all religious places have also been directed to decide and declare the maximum number of visitors per hour depending upon the availability of space for movement and gathering with proper social distancing.

The state government’s latest guidelines also direct the management trusts of religious places to ensure the use of face masks, and provision of hand sanitisers along with adequate arrangements to check the body temperature of all visitors.



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