China’s Attempt To Unilaterally Alter Status Quo Not Acceptable : Rajnath Singh On India-China Row

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New Delhi : Defence Minister Rajnath Singh on Tuesday gave a statement in the Lok Sabha on the issue of tension on the border with China. Defence Minister Rajnath Singh said that Prime Minister Narendra Modi visited Ladakh and met the soldiers, along with this message that the countrymen are standing with them. The situation on the Line of Actual Control (LAC) is tense.

Describing the situation of LAC, Defence Minister Rajnath Singh said in the Lok Sabha that as of now, China has gathered a large number of troops and ammunition in LAC and interior areas. The Indian Army has also made complete preparations.

Defence Minister Rajnath Singh said that respect and strict adherence to the LAC is the basis for peace and harmony in the border areas, and it is clearly accepted in the 1993 and 1996 agreements, while our military fully follows it, but it is not the same from the Chinese side.

The Defence Minister said that both the countries had talked about the border issue after 1950, 1962, China has already occupied some part of Ladakh. China claims some part of Ladakh, Himachal Pradesh as its own. Both countries believe that a proper solution to this dispute should be resolved by talking in peace.

Rajnath Singh said in Parliament that since 1988 relations with China had improved, but the 1993 agreement mentions that both countries will reduce the number of troops along the border. Both the countries talked about the border dispute till 2003, but after this the matter was not pushed forward by China. Since then, there has been tension.

Rajnath Singh further said that as of now, China has gathered a large number of troops and ammunition in LAC and interior areas. The situation is tense in eastern Ladakh and Gogra, Kongla Ka and the northern and southern banks of Pangong Lake. Looking at the deployment of the Chinese Army, the Indian Army has also increased its deployment.

Defence Minister Rajnath Singh said that the House should be confident that our army will face this challenge successfully, and we are proud of them for this. The situation that still exists involves sensitive operational issues, so I would not like to reveal too much about it.

Defence Minister Rajnath Singh said that all the intelligence agencies of the country are working on the issue of China and the three forces are simultaneously taking care of it.

Rajnath Singh said that there has been a glorious tradition of this House that whenever a big challenge has come before the country, this House has shown its complete unity and trust in the determination and determination of Indian forces. I want to assure you that the enthusiasm and courage of our soldiers is strong.

Defence Minister Rajnath Singh said that this year’s situation is very different from before, yet we are committed to a peaceful solution to the current situation. Along with this, I want to assure the House that we are ready to deal with all situations, we will not compromise our sovereignty.

In April, China increased the number of its troops and arms along the eastern Ladakh border, in May, China interrupted the patrolling of our troops. Meanwhile, in May itself, China attempted to infiltrate the western sector, including Pangong Lake. India took necessary action on this in due course of time.

Rajnath Singh said that we have told China through diplomatic matters that such activities are not acceptable to us. The commanders of the two countries held a meeting on 6 June and talked about reducing the number of troops. After this, China used violent tactics on 15 June, in this clash, Indian soldiers were martyred and it had caused great harm to the Chinese army.

Rajnath Singh said that China has violated the 1993 agreement, but India has complied with it. Due to China, there has been a situation of skirmish from time to time.

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