Broad accord on Dara Shikoh’s grave being in Humayun’s Tomb complex

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Broad accord

New Delhi: The committee constituted by the Ministry of Culture to find the truth about Dara Shikoh’s grave being in Humayun’s Tomb complex, visited the spot on January 11. Municipal Corporation engineer Sanjeev Kumar Singh was also present with other members, who claimed to have found the mausoleum of Dara Shikoh in the tomb.

During the visit, the committee inspected other graves and held a discussion over the claim. Also, a member of the committee is still sceptical of the claim. All the members of the committee will submit their reports to the ministry soon.

Most of the members of the committee agree with Singh’s claim about finding the grave of Dara Shikoh in Humayun’s Tomb. However, a member of the committee, Jamal Hasan, still has doubts.

Another member of the committee, Dr B.R. Mani told IANS: “We had a good visit yesterday. The members of the committee who had not seen the grave have also seen it. All have their own views. Now, we’ll send our reports to the ministry. However, maximum members of the committee are satisfied with Sanjeev (Kumar) Singh’s claim.”

The Ministry of Culture had formed a committee in January last year to find the grave of Dara Shikoh in Humayun’s tomb complex. R.S. Bisht, B.R. Mani, K.N. Dixit, Dr. K.K. Muhammad, Syed Jamal Hasan, B.M. Pandey are the members of the committee searching for the grave.

There is also a Dara Shikoh road just five kilometres away from Humayun’s Tomb.Dara Shikoh, one of the four sons of Mughal emperor Shahjahan, was killed in 1659 by his own brother Aurangzeb during the fight for the throne.

Dara Shikoh was a scholar of the Upanishads and philosophy, as well as being a liberal man.



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