Bihar Elections 2020: Code of Conduct will be implemented with the announcement of dates

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Patna: The Election Commission will be declaring the dates of Bihar Election -2020 today at the afternoon press conference. After the dates are announced, the Code of Conduct will be enforced in Bihar Every political party and future candidate will be bound to follow it.

However, this time elections are being held in Bihar at a time when the whole world is facing the COVID-19 pandemic. In such a situation, the Election Commission has also released its guidelines for Bihar elections. Accordingly, the candidates are not allowed to organis big affairs for filing nominations for the assembly elections. Candidates will be able to file nominations through online forms. House to house election campaign will be allowed but not more than five people will be able to participate in it. Not more than 5 vehicles to be used in the convoy for events such as road shows.

Apart from this, strict instructions have been given to follow the COVID-19 guidelines issued by the Ministry of Home Affairs. Based on the report of the Nodal Health Officer, there may be an action on those who commit mala dministration or breaks social Distancing norms.Sanitizers, face masks, globs, thermal scanners, and facial PP kits will be used during the election process as per the guidelines. Social distancing will have to be followed.

What is an election code of conduct?

The Election Commission lays down certain rules for conducting free and fair elections in the country. These rules are called codes of conduct. It is the responsibility of the government, leaders and political parties to follow those rules during the Lok Sabha / Assembly elections.

When does the code of conduct come into force?

The Code of Conduct comes into force immediately after the announcement of the election date. If today the Election Commission announces the dates for the Bihar assembly elections, then the code of conduct will come into force with it.

How long does the code of conduct remain in force?

The code of conduct remains in force until the election process is complete. With the announcement of election dates, the code of conduct appears and continues till the counting of votes.

Code of Conduct Rules

• Public money will not be used for any work that benefits a particular political party or leader.

• Government vehicles, government planes or government bungalows will not be used for campaigning.

• There will be no official declaration, inauguration and foundation stone ceremony.

• Any political party, candidate, politician or supporters have to get permission from the police before rallying or organizing road show.

• In any election rally, votes will not be sought in the name of religion or caste.

The rules of the Election Code of Conduct are strictly enforced. If these rules are violated, there is a provision for punishment for that. Violations of the Election Code of Conduct can lead to punitive action.

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