Australian University successfully executes Covid-19 eradication drug experiment on rats

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This year’s wave of corona virus has caused havoc in the entire world. This crisis has made many people’s situation worse. Many health systems are inadequate. There is good news for the citizens affected by the lockout due to coronation. An Australian researcher has developed an anti-virus drug that has been used on rats.

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The second wave of corona is coming to an end and the government has also given priority to vaccination. Therefore, betting efforts are underway to prevent vaccination on the one hand and corona on the other. The drug has been shown to destroy 99.99% of corona particles in rat lungs in Australia. However, it will take more time for the drug to hit the market. The drug is expected to hit the market in 2023.

This new drug system has been developed for patients with severe COVID-19 symptoms. The drug was developed by the Menzies Health Institute at the University of Queensland in Australia. This is considered to be the next step. Gene slicing works according to this medical procedure. This treatment will be done with the help of injection. RNA will be used to attack viruses with the help of gene cycling. Earlier, RNA was also modified in Pfizer and Modern vaccines.

The leading researcher of the university, Prof. Nigel Macmillan said the treatment could prevent the virus from changing into a new strain. He believes that the use of this treatment will significantly reduce coronary heart disease mortality in the country. The drug works by destroying the virus in the lungs of corona-positive patients. The treatment is now limited to rats, so it is not yet clear how effective the drug will be on human life. That is also stated. Meanwhile, the corona was treated with an antiviral injection called Remdesivir. However, it is claimed that this treatment will destroy the corona. Also, research on corona has been going on at this university in Australia for the past years. After the lockdown, the work will be executed faster since April.

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