Antibodies Even Can’t Protect Children Against The Risk Of Coronavirus Infection, Revealed In Research

by pranjalipargaonkar
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New Delhi : Researchers at Children’s National Hospital recently studied how long it takes children to get rid of corona infections and make antibodies in the body. According to their research, both COVID-19 and antibodies can appear in the body of children at the same time. In a research published in the Journal of Pediatrics, between March 13 and June 21, 215 pediatric patients were tested.

According to scientists, 33 of the 215 pediatric patients tested both viruses and antibodies while undergoing treatment for COVID-19 disease in the hospital. Researchers found that children aged 6 years to 15 years take longer to get rid of COVID-19 than patients who are between 16 years and 22 years old.

Researcher Burak Bahar of Children’s National Hospital said that in most infections, when we start searching for antibodies, we do not get the virus, but in the case of COVID-19, we have found both viruses and antibodies in the patient’s body. This means that even in the presence of antibodies, there is every possibility of children getting infected with the virus. Burak Bahar is also the lead author of Research.

He said that in the sequel of the research we will try to find out whether the virus present with antibodies can spread the infection to another person. He said that now it is not known that antibodies are related to immunity itself and how long these antibodies will be effective in the body in the event of re-infection.

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