Airbags mandatory for front-seat passengers

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NEW DELHI: Airbag is now mandatory for the front seat passengers in the car. The Ministry of Road Transport and Highways stated that this rule applies to all the new models being manufactured from April 1. Whereas, on the old models this rule will be applicable from August 31.

The ministry declared this on its official twitter handle and stated, “Government has made it mandatory for vehicle manufacturers to fit airbag for the person occupying the front seat other than the driver. It is applicable on vehicles manufactured on & after 1st April 2021 in case of new models, & 31st August 2021 in case of existing models.”

The technical committee of the ministry approved the mandatory airbag for safety in the vehicles.

People all over the world believe that safety is important while driving the car and we can save our lives with airbags as we cannot stop an accident to happen but can prepare for our safety and airbag gives us protection especially to the front seat passengers.

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