Did You Know ? Gardens Should Also Be Designed According to ‘Vastu’

by amolwarankar
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Mumbai : Garden and its architecture in your home affects your life in the same way as the architecture of the bedroom, kitchen or any other part of the house. An architectural garden not only gives you good health but it also brings you economic prosperity. Therefore, while building a house on any plot, it is necessary that along with the part built on that plot, the space left for the garden there should also be based on the rules of Vastu.

Let us know some important Vastu tips related to garden-

Best direction for garden:
According to Vaastu, auspicious energy enters the house from the north-east direction. So both the north and east direction should be left more empty than the other directions of the house. That is why the same north and east directions are considered the best for making gardens. South and west directions are not the best for building a garden but if there is no other option then build a garden here with some precautions.

Plants and proper direction for them :
The garden built in the north provides new opportunities and prosperity for career. It is extremely auspicious to plant basil inside the garden made in the north direction. Plant small plants that are not thorny. Do not plant big trees in this direction at all. If you like the water fountain, then you can put it in the north direction.

The east side of the house is a perfect place for fruit plants. In this place small plants can be planted inside pots. Red or pink plants like roses, etc. can be planted in the south-east. Do not plant big trees in the east direction like in the north. Swing and water fountain can also be arranged. Formerly built gardens increase the scope of your social interaction. These are especially beneficial for politicians or people whose business or career is related to public relations.

Since the west and south directions should be heavier than the north and east directions, it is necessary to plant big trees in the garden located here. Keep in mind that these big trees should not be placed very close to the walls of the house. Do not construct reservoirs like swimming pool or water fountain in both these directions.

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