Yellow fungus arises more dangerously than white and black, Ghaziabad reports the first case in NCR

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Deccan Express

The country has been hit hard by the second wave of COVID-19 infection. The increase in coronavirus in many states has put a huge strain on the health system. As the patient grew, relatives of the patient had to rush for oxygen, ventilators, Remdesivir injections, beds. While Covid is in this crisis, a new crisis has arisen. Black and white fungus patients are being found in the country. In the face of this, the discovery of a yellow fungus patient in the country has raised concerns.

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While the number of black fungus patients is increasing, a yellow fungus patient was found in Ghaziabad in Uttar Pradesh on Sunday (23). Yellow fungus is said to be more dangerous. The patient is currently undergoing treatment for yellow fungus.

Symptoms of yellow fungus

– Loss of appetite, weight loss, lethargy
– Slow healing of pus leaks and wounds, malnutrition, organ failure, cataracts
-If such symptoms are found, the patient needs to be treated immediately.

The cause of yellow fungus

– Uncleanliness is the main cause of this fungus. So maintaining cleanliness is very important. Don’t eat stale food.
– Humidity in the house is also one of the reasons. This increases the risk of fungal infections in more humid climates.

Treatment of yellow fungus

Amphotericin B Injection is a medicine that is used for the treatment of Amphotericin B Injection and other conditions.

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