Yeh Balidan Hum Denge, says the viral video of two children

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Deccan Express

The corona virus pandemic has ravaged the country for more than a year. As a result, schools have been closed for a long time. While people are suffering in this time of crisis, many children are happy. Because their exams are constantly being canceled. A video is going viral on social media right now, in which two very cute kids are saying that they are ready to make a ‘sacrifice’ to defeat coronavirus.

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This video is rapidly going viral on the internet. This 15 second video shows two little kids. One is wearing a black T-shirt while the other is wearing a yellow shirt. At the beginning of the video, the boy in the black T-shirt says, “Modiji, we are ready even if we have to sacrifice our education to fight against coronavirus.” After this, another boy wearing a yellow shirt also says, ‘we will make this sacrifice even if the school has to be closed for seven years.’

People are getting crazy with the innocence of the boy in the yellow shirt-

At the end of the video, people are very happy about the childishness of the boy wearing a yellow shirt. People really like the words and gestures that we will make this sacrifice. However, it is not yet clear what the names of the children in the video are and where they live. Not only that, it is also not understood where and when the video was shot. But the video has been going viral on social media for the past day or two. Senior TV journalist Ashok Srivastava shared the video on his Twitter account. “We must win the war with Corona. Every child is ready to sacrifice.” he wrote. The video was viewed 90,000 times by Friday night.

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