Wine is hundred percent alcohol, which is to be injurious to health : Dr Kalyan Gangwal

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Pune : deccan express Wine contains a large amount of alcohol. Wine is hundred percent alcoholic and it is very injurious to health.Therefore, students, parents, teachers, womens, social workers, saints, kirtankars need to come together and start a mass movement against the sale of wine from supermarkets and grocery stores, appealed Dr Kalyan Gangwal, The founder of Sarvajiv Mangal Pratishthan, an activist of the vegetarian and de-addiction movement in the press conference.


The MVA government in the state has recently taken an unfortunate decision to sell wine from supermarkets and grocery stores. Against that background, Dr. Kalyan Gangwal held a press conference in Pune and protested against the decision and called for a massive movement against it.


Dr. Kalyan Gangwal said, “Wine is not alcohol, it is very wrong from a medical point of view. As a doctor, I inform that some people in the government are blatantly misrepresenting that wine is not alcohol. Another unfortunate coincidence is that the government has taken this decision on the day of Anil Avchat’s death, who spent his entire life for de-addiction. This decision is a step towards making Maharashtra an alcoholic state.”


While the government needs to make efforts to ensure that the health of the society is good, strong and free from addiction, it is very serious that alcohol is being promoted by the government. In the case of Sushant Singh Rajput and Aryan Shahrukh Khan too, the state government has done the wrong thing by backing drug addicts.Wine is high in alcohol. Gradually, he may become addicted to wine, hard drinks, alcohol, and drugs. If wine became readily available, schoolchildren would become addicted. There will be an increase in the number of vendors selling these teenagers. We see this kind of thing happening in western countries. And this is a warning to India, he added.


Alleging that the decision was taken in the interest of a few farmers and some leaders in the government, Dr. Kalyan Gangwal said, This is the root cause of crime in Maharashtra. In rural areas, we have seen families of women and children ruined by alcohol. For the past several years, Dr. Anil Avchat, Vasudha Sardar, Bandatatya Karadkar Maharaj, Dr. Narendra Dabholkar & many others have carried themselves to addiction free state. We all have to come together to opposing the the state governments move & ask them to immediately reverse the decision to sell wine from grocery stores.


Alcohol contains in:

Vodka – 40-95%
Rum – 36-50%
Visky – 36-50%
Teqila – 50-51%
Wine – 14-24%
Beer – 4-8%


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