Vikram Bhave gets concession in bail conditions in Dr Dabholkar murder case

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Mumbai : Deccan Express The Bombay High Court has granted temporary concession in the bail conditions to accused Vikram Bahve in the Dr Narendra Dabholkar murder case. He was released on bail after spending two years in jail on May 6.

Bhave has been allowed to stay in Ratnagiri for three weeks to perform rituals of his father, who died on June 25 and to complete bank formalities related to his father. The HC had granted bail to him on May 6 on the condition that he would not leave the jurisdiction of the Special NIA Court, Pune.

The HC directed him to report to the Deccan Gymkhana police station before leaving for Ratnagiri and on August 10, after returning to Pune.

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Role of Vikram Bhave in the case

Bhave was working as an RTI worker with the Hindu Vidhidnya Parishad. He was awarded a 10-year sentence in the bomb explosions at a theatre in Panvel and the Gadkari Rangayatan in Thane. He was out on bail in the case. He is accused to have conducted a recce of the place, where Dr Dabholkar was shot dead. He also assisted in destroying the pistol used in the murder case.

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