Those not having platform ticket will have to pay fine of Rs 250

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Pune : deccan expressPune Railway Station Platform Ticket | There is always a big rush at Pune railway station of people who go to see off their relatives or welcome them. However, you should make sure to buy a platform ticket. If a person is caught without a platform ticket, he will have to pay the fare to the checking station and a penalty of Rs 250. In last month, a fine of Rs 1.5 crore was collected from 25,000 people who did not have the platform ticket.


For trains stopping at Pune railway station, the rail administration has decided Mumbai, Daund, Manmad and Kalyan as checking stations. If a person is found without a platform ticket, then he will pay the fare up to the destination of the train on the platform or up to the destination of the earlier train.


In January, 25,000 people were found without a ticket and platform ticket. A fine of Rs 1 crore 42 lakh 59 thousand 222 was recovered from them.


On an average, 222 trains arrive or leave from the Pune railway station. Lakhs of passengers travel in these trains. However, there is less response to the platform tickets. The platform tickets have been priced at Rs 10. Every day, 1,000 platform tickets are being sold.


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