Twitter Account Of PM Modi’s Personal Website Hacked, Hacker Asked For Bitcoin

by pranjalipargaonkar
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New Delhi : The twitter account of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s personal website has been hacked. The hacker demanded Bitcoin as a donation for the COVID-19 relief fund. However, bogus tweets were deleted shortly afterwards.

Tweets related to crypto currency were tweeted on the twitter account of the Prime Minister’s personal website. A message was written on the Twitter account, ‘I appeal to you guys to donate to PM Modi Relief Fund for COVID-19.’

In another tweet, the hacker wrote, This account has been hacked by John Wick ([email protected]). We have not hacked Paytm Mall. However now these bogus tweets have been deleted.

The verified Twitter account of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s personal website has more than 25 lakh followers.

The name of the hacker group is John Wick. On August 30, cyber security firm Saibal claimed that John Wick Group was involved in the data theft of Paytm Mall. Paytm Mall Unicorn is Paytm’s e-commerce company. Saibal claimed that this hacker group demanded a ransom. However, Paytm said that during the investigation there was no incident like burglary in the data.

In July, a similar incident was reported in which the twitter account of several big personalities including Warren Buffett, Jeff Bezos, Barack Obama, Joe Biden, Bill Gates and Elon Musk was hacked.There were also posts related to crypto currency on their Twitter account.

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