These major things can cause a severe heart attack to healthy people

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It often happens that we are very health conscious, follow the best diet and also exercise regularly, yet we fall prey to serious diseases. Did you know that it is not your eating and drinking habits that are responsible for causing serious illness, but also some of your bad habits, which can lead to a heart attack even when you are healthy?

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Major causes of heart attack:

* Smoking is a major cause of heart disease

* Smoking and tobacco affect all fitness.

* Increased blood pressure can lead to heart attack. This causes damage to the arteries. Problems with blood pressure are exacerbated by obesity, high cholesterol, and diabetes.

* Obesity also increases the risk of heart attack. Obesity causes great damage to the body, raising blood cholesterol levels. Obesity is also linked to diabetes and heart attack.

How to eliminate the risk of heart attack:

* Control obesity if you want to avoid major illnesses.

* Work or other stress makes you sick. Enjoy the work. Reduce stress.

* Some people cannot balance workload, target and life at work. Achieving the target does not mean harming yourself. Smart work can also achieve the target. Entertain yourself in the office. Avoid befriending people with negative thoughts.

* Both sleep and exercise will keep away from heart problems.

* Heart attack can also be due to genetic reasons. Family history is also important for this. The risk increases after the age of 55 in men and 65 in women.

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