Tensions Will Reach At Peak If Solution Not Found In SCO Meeting At Moscow

by pranjalipargaonkar
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New Delhi : The Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) meeting to be held in Moscow in the ongoing tensions over the Line of Actual Control (LAC) could prove to be the turning point for the India-China bilateral relationship. Russia is engaged in holding a meeting of foreign ministers of India and China in Moscow to reduce tensions between the two countries. If the negotiations on the LAC are not resolved even in this conversation, then the diplomatic tension between the two countries will once again reach its peak.

In fact, despite several rounds of talks at the military and diplomacy level, due to China’s attitude, the dispute could not be resolved. Sources say that Jaishankar is scheduled to attend the SCO foreign ministers meeting. As far as meeting his Chinese counterpart Wang Yi is concerned, India is expecting some concrete initiatives from China on the LAC dispute before this.

It is certain that if the meeting between the two countries is agreed but nothing positive solution found in this, then the diplomatic and military level of conflict between the two countries will be at its peak.

In the last one week, India has been given two big messages at the top level by China. CDS Vipin Rawat said that if the dispute is not resolved, India can try the option of military action. Whereas the External Affairs Minister mentioned the most tense situation in Ladakh after the year 1962. He asserted that India will protect its sovereignty. Sources say this is actually a message to China.

The message is clear that India’s patience is steadily decreasing. India has made 225 more apps after banning 106 apps so far. Sources say that if there is no solution in the talks between Jaishankar-Wang Yi, then India will implement this plan fast.

Jaishankar-Wang Yi may meet between 9 to 11 September. During the meeting, India will stick to its old stand. India wants China to restore its position on the LAC before negotiating the border dispute. China has been agreeing to this at military and diplomatic level talks, but is not following the agreement reached during negotiations on the ground.

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