Scientists claims,even if coronavirus is recovered it effects hearts, lung and kidney

by amolwarankar
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Pune: Corona’s havoc continues all over the world, the good thing is the recovery rate in people as it is increasing rapidly. The disease is having a profound effect on the heart and lungs of patients who have recovered from the corona. According to scientist of medicine chemistry, Prof. Ram Shankar Upadhyaya, most of the patients recovering from coronavirus are showing the effect of corona on the heart, lungs and nervous system.

The number of people infected with coronavirus worldwide is expected to be in the tens of millions. According to a recent report in the Lancet, 55 percent of patients with corona have had nervous system complaints.

A study in Germany showed changes in the heart structure of 75 percent of people who survived the infection. In this case, it is very important to know what effect it will have on people in the future.

Regarding the prevention and treatment of corona, the scientist in medical chemistry said ‘the vaccines are being worked on to control coronavirus, in addition to the need for effective combination of pre-formulation to prevent infection’.

About 15 cancer drugs and a dozen anti-inflammatory drugs have been found to be useful in treating the symptoms of covid so far, he said. More work needs to be done on these.

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