Ram Vilas Paswan Hospitalised, son to take his responsibility

by amolwarankar
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Patna: Union minister Ram Vilas Paswan is hospitalised with an illness for some time. According to him his son Chirag has taken complete charge of the party and any decision made by him on the alliance in Bihar will be final.

Paswan in a series of tweets said that his health started to deteriorate some time ago during the coronavirus crisis, but he did not go to a hospital because he, as food minister, had to fulfil his responsibilities.

“There was no laxity in the work. I continuously served the country as food minister and made every effort to ensure food reaches on time everywhere,” he wrote.

Paswan said he finally got admitted at a hospital after Chirag realised he was ill and insisted that he get treated.

The details regarding health issues are not disclosed. However, few media reports have claimed that he is suffering from multiple health issues, including per-existing heart conditions.

“I am happy that my son Chirag is with me at this time and is doing all possible service. Along with taking care of me, he us also fulfilling his responsibilities towards the party,” he wrote on Twitter.

“I stand firmly with every decision of his. I am confident that with his youthful thinking, Chirag will take the party and Bihar to new heights,” Paswan said.

Ram Vilas Paswan’s outfit was free to take whatever decision it wished to. “NDA will contest elections under Nitish Kumar. There should not be any confusion on that score. LJP is free to walk out if its wants to,” JD(U) secretary general K C Tyagi said.

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