Rajkot COVID19 Hospital Fire: Eye witness claims nurse ignored fire alarm

by pranjalipargaonkar
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Rajkot : Five patients of Corona died in a fire in the ICU ward of Rajkot at Uday Shivanand Covid Hospital last night. When a patient’s condition is serious. Dilipbhai Kuberkar, a professor at Saurashtra University’s NanoScience Bhavan, who witnessed the fire, said in a media report that the fire siren rang at around 12.07 pm, the nurse said someone must be making fun. In this event there may be a ventilator leakage. This can happen if the transformer is running continuously. Seeing this incident, I was terrified.

‘I was in room 309 on the third floor. At 11.30pm my second dose of Remdesivir injection was over. As soon as I heard the fire alarm, I told the nurse sitting next to me that something had happened. On this, the nurse said, someone must be playing, so I said This is not the game sister, this is the sound of a fire alarm. Such a siren sounds when it catches smoke. Then the nurse ran downstairs and came back a little later and said there was a fire that broke out on the first floor. Then I said let’s all rush to the terrace. By then, plumes of smoke were visible. I watched the whole fire in front of my eyes and the shouts of the hospital staff and people hit my ears and I was terrified.’

Dilipbhai Kuberkar has pointed out some of the reasons behind the fire. He said, “the fire may have broken out if the ventilator was leaking, the ventilator has an isolation transformer. You have to give rest to this transformer every 15 days. If the transformer is not reset then it burns and leakage starts. It later sparks and causes a short circuit.”

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