Raj thackeray to CM Uddhav thackeray, open temples or face consequences

by pranjalipargaonkar
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Mumbai: MNS president Raj Thackeray has expressed anger over the state’s alliance government on not opening temples while public life in the state is improving. ‘Why is the government so reluctant to open temples’? stated Raj Thackeray. He has given a warning that if the decision is not taken to open the temples as soon as possible, the temple will have to be entered in defiance of the government’s orders.

Raj Thackeray wrote a letter to CM. The Mahavikas Aghadi government policies in some matters are very confusing. Why is the government not hearing what the public wants? Under unlock stages, the lockdown has been eased, malls are opened, 100 people are being allowed for a certain program, then why this biased behaviour towards devotees.

The government does not need to open the temples at last and show modesty or progressive behavior , it is not needed, said Raj in a letter. ‘Instead, guidelines to be prepared for Hindus to enter the temple. However, if the government does not take positive steps in this regard as soon as possible, we will have to enter the temple in defiance of the government’s orders, but I hope the government will not allow this time to come upon us’, he warned.

Few issues addressed in the letter-

The issue of starting temples is not limited upto few devotees, the government has to consider the priests serving God, gurus or a small economy that depends on the temple. In the meantime, the priests of Trimbakeshwar temple had come to me and presented me with the same grief. The economy of that village, that city depends on a temple. If that economy is going to collapse, how it will survive.

In the last 5 months, the economy has come to a standstill, people have lost their jobs, businesses have gone bankrupt, so the people are expecting the government to relax the restrictions and plan for public transport. For this, people made requests to the government. However, the government is engrossed in its own world, so they want to embrace their God with the ultimate faith’.

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