Kho-kho sport will be taken to international stage, says Punit Balan

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Mumbai Khiladis’ official jersey unveiled; Vijay Hazare made captain of team

Pune: Deccan ExpressPunit Balan Group | After Ultimate Kho-Kho League is launched, the people’s attitude towards kho-kho will change. Through the league, kho-kho sport should reach the international stage, said young businessman and co-owner of Mumbai Khiladis Punit Balan. (Punit Balan Group)



The official jersey of Mumbai Khiladis team was unveiled on Thursday in Mumbai. At the same time, an announcement was also made about the selection of Vijay Hazare as the captain of the team. The co-owner of Mumbai Khiladis and famous rapper Badshah, young businessman Punit Balan, Janhavi Dhariwal-Balan, CEO Madhukar Shree, Chief Coach Rajendra Sapte, coach Shobi R and all players were present.


Speaking on the occasion, Badshah said, “I have a special attachment with sports. My mother was a state-level player. Hence, I love kho-kho. A new chapter has started in my life through the Ultimate kho-kho League.’’


Janhavi Dhariwal-Balan is the only woman owner of a team in the league. “I am participating in the league to contribute in a small manner towards conservation of India’s sports culture and tradition. Because of my association with the league, I hope that more girls and women will start playing kho-kho,’’ Janhavi Dhariwal-Balan said.


Vijay Hazare, a promising player from Kolhapur, has been made captain of the team. Hazare thanked the owners of the team and the coaches for his appointment. “We have many new players but they have a lot of potential. Hence, we will definitely leave our mark in the tournament,’’ Hazare said.


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