Pune Weather | Rainfall subsides across Pune, Temperature increases!

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Pune : Deccan Express Pune Weather | The rain has stopped in Maharashtra for the last four-five days. There has been no rain except in a few places in the state. Due to this the temperature has gone up. It has not rained in Pune for a week. With the exception of sparse rainfall, the rainfall in Pune has not reached the average.

The minimum temperature in Pune today is 27 degrees Celsius and the maximum is 29 degrees Celsius. The air quality is good and the winds will blow at a speed of 41 km per day. The average temperature tonight will be 26 degrees Celsius. At night the wind speed will decrease to 32 km per hour.

After the disappearance of monsoon, the temperature in Pune has risen for the last three to four days. The minimum and maximum temperatures have increased by an average of two to four degrees. It is hot during the day and night.

During the rainy season, the average temperature in August remains stable at 25 to 30 degrees. But now that the monsoon has stopped, the temperature seems to have risen. The average temperature in the state is currently 31 degrees.

Although the intensity of rains has decreased in the state, western disturbances have started in the Himalayas. Therefore, heavy rainfall is forecast in the Himalayas. Cyclonic conditions have been prevailing in the Arabian Sea and the Bay of Bengal since August 25. Therefore, sparse showers are expected in some places in Konkan and Vidarbha. However, heavy rains are not expected anywhere in the state till August 10. For this reason, there are signs of further rise in temperature and heatwave.

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