Pune traffic police lift scooter with shopping bag by using crane

by Team Deccan Express
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Pune : Deccan Express The Pune traffic police take action against unruly vehicle riders. They take action against vehicles parked in no parking areas. Many months ago, the police lifted a vehicle along with its rider in Nana Peth and the video had become viral on social media. There was a lot of discussion on the issue. A similar incident has taken place on Laxmi Road where the traffic police lifted a vehicle with the bag. (Pune Traffic Police)



Two people had come for shopping on Laxmi Road at 11 am on Monday. They parked their scooter outside the parking area and went shopping. At the same time, the traffic police were taking action against vehicles parked outside the white line. A bag had been kept on one of the scooters. The police lifted the scooter with the bag by using a crane.


The owners of the scooter requested the police to release the vehicle by telling them that their belongings kept in the bag will be spoiled. But the traffic police did not listen to them. However, when the police came to know that their act was being recorded, they released the vehicle immediately.


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