My salute to the ‘real heroes’: Actress shares story of Pune police officials on Facebook

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Pune : Deccan ExpressPune Police | The story of real heroes in ‘khakee’ has come to light. On Saturday night at 1 am, a girl was waiting for a rickshaw or auto outside the Balgandharva Rangmandir. But no vehicle was available and the girl got scared. Then, real heroes entered the scene i.e. police officials arrived on the scene. They spoke with the girl and she sat in their vehicle and was later helped in travelling by a rickshaw to reach home safely. Later, the news of this incident spread everywhere.


On Saturday night, a performance of Marathi play Moruchi Mavshi, in which Bharat Jadhav plays the main role, was organised at Balgandharva Rangmandir. It ended at midnight. Actress Nityashree Dnyanlakshmi Nangre Patil is enacting the character of Sandhya, a girlfriend of Bharat Jadhav. All the artistes had dinner and since there was another performance in Pune, they were going to stay in a hotel. However, since Nityashree’s house is in Karve Nagar, she decided to go home after having dinner. However, it was 1 am by the time she came out of the premises of the auditorium.


Since Karve Nagar is not far away from the auditorium, she was not scared. She booked an Ola cab but it was cancelled. She waited for an auto but no auto was available. However, at that time, the police officials entered the scene. The police car stopped in front of her. Police Inspector of Deccan police station Sanjay Mogle and policemen Sharad Gore and Ramdas Gadre were with him.


Mogle got down from the vehicle and spoke to Nityashree. He started looking for an auto for her. However, after some time, he requested her to sit in the car. The police found an auto after some time. The police called the auto driver and asked him to drop Nityashree home. They also took all the details of the auto driver. Nityashree took a selfie with the police officials and saluted their commitment to the duty. Nityashree reached home safely after some time. Nityashree shared her experience on Facebook and many people praised the police.


“We always help women, senior citizens and citizens at night. Hence, we helped Nityashree. She told us that she was an actress. She took a selfie with us and praised our work. We are always at the receiving end but few words of praise boost our morale,” said PI Sanjay Mogle.


“I salute the dedication of police officials to their work. They are always on duty even on festivals and despite some emergency at home. Their efforts are extremely praiseworthy. I hail from Mumbai and stay in Pune. I had a very nice experience. The experience I had as a common man instead of an actress, was simply great. Hence, I called Police Inspector Sanjay Mogle and thanked him and praised him,’’ said Nityashree Nangre Patil.


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