Pune News | ‘Rape Crisis Center’ by Sahyog Trust will provide legal aid to rape victims

by Team Deccan Express
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Pune : Deccan Express – Pune News | The Rape Crisis Center has been set up by the Sahyog Trust to provide legal assistance to women victims and witnesses in rape cases. The Center will work to change the behavior of women victims of rape cases, such as feelings of guilt, self-blame, fear and anger (Pune News).

Everyone has the right to life, liberty and security of person. Providing legal assistance to women recovering from rape will not only prevent such crimes against humanity, but can also effectively help abused women to live with strength and confidence, said Adv. Rama Sarode (Secretary of Sahyog Trust Adv. Rama Sarode) in a press conference on Tuesday. Apart from him, Surekha Das, Reshma Gokhale, Gaurangi Tajne, Adv. Ajit Deshpande, Adv. Akshay Desai, Shardul Sahare, Trinal Tonpe were also present.

“A ‘Support Group’ will be run in our office on a specific day as a safe place to express the grief and problems of those living with rape. Women who have been sexually assaulted live under pressure as if they had made a mistake. So the ‘support group’ will try to reduce their stress by communicating with each other. This will give these women the courage to fight rape cases without fear of repression and they will also try to live a normal life, Adv. Sarode said.

Women victims of rape cases in Maharashtra and their relatives can contact the Sahyog Trust on 020-25459777.

MyGrowth Zone :

MyGrowthZone Company works on neurolinguistic techniques. The trained women will be counseled by them and free help will be given to empower them mentally. The collaboration with ‘MyGrowth Zone’ will also work to change behaviors in the context of negative feelings, self-blame, fear and anger felt by rape victims, said Ad Sarode.

88 rapes per day in the country :

Giving information on rape statistics in the country and the state, Law Intern Gaurangi Taj said that in 2019, there were 32559 rape cases in India. That is, 88 rape cases per day are evident from the NCRB figures, while in Maharashtra, 2299 cases were reported in 2019.

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