Pune News | Man submits fake orders of revenue minister and claims ownership of 18 acres of government land

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Pune : Deccan Express – Pune News | As many as 18 acres of forest land in the name of Maharashtra government at Hadapsar in Pune (Pune News) was transferred to a person as per the fake order of the former revenue minister. Rahul Patil, Deputy Conservator of Forests, Pune Forest Department, came to know about this and informed the District Collector’s Office. After that, the whole system came to a standstill. Haveli Tehsildar Tripti Kolte immediately canceled the registration and returned the 18 acres of land to the government. Opposition tehsildars have filed criminal cases for filing false documents.

Popat Pandurang Shitkal presented 18 acres of land in Survey No. 62 at Mauje Hadapsar by showing fake orders in the name of the then Revenue Minister Chandrakant Patil. He not only submitted the fake documents signed by the minister but also the cell officer of the ministry on this order. On suspicion of this, Kolte started an investigation and the facts came to light. A complaint was lodged at Khadak police station.

Meanwhile, Rahul Patil of the forest department demanded an inquiry as the 18-acre land was a reserved forest and whether the revenue minister had really issued such an order. Accordingly, Kolte went directly to the ministry and inquired, and it was observed that the Revenue Minister had given a clear order rejecting the application of the person concerned. After that, the registration of the concerned person was immediately canceled and the land was once again in the name of the government.


False signatures, false stamps and orders are also false

Correspondence was made with the Ministry of Revenue and a request was made to provide a true copy of the order made in the variable case. Accordingly, on September 1, the Revenue Minister in the above-mentioned case from the Ministry of Revenue, received a copy of the order passed on 31/01/2018. While observing this order, I noticed that in the original order dated 31/01/2018 given by me and the Minister, Popat Pandurang Shitkal, with the intention of deceiving me and the government, made false orders with false signature stamps, by making and false signatures. False / forged documents were submitted by him. In this case, legal action will be taken against the person concerned.
– Trupti Kolte, Tehsildar, Haveli

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