Pune News | Citizens disappointed as Racecourse closed despite easing restrictions

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Pune : Deccan Express Pune News | The jogging track has been started in many places as per the orders of the central government and the state government, but the racecourse is closed. This is disappointing for the citizens who come here regularly. Over the years, thousands of citizens have flocked to the racecourse for morning and evening walks or exercise. Also trained and other players use this ground for practice. Athletes and fitness enthusiasts are angry that the racecourse is closed despite the relaxation of lockdown rules.

The racecourse is the largest arena in Pune. The ground is spread over an area of 118 acres. In the central part of Pune, it is a perfect place for a two kilometer long jogging track, exercise, yoga. Prior to the lockdown, the racecourse was open to all from five in the morning to eight-thirty in the morning and from four-thirty in the evening to seven-thirty in the evening.

The racecourse was started for the general public for a month or two after being closed for a few months in the first lockdown. When the second wave hit, the general public was again barred from entering the racecourse. Currently, after the second wave, all the rules have been relaxed but the racecourse is closed and locals are demanding its resumption.

‘Jogging tracks have been opened across the state as per the rules of the Central and State Governments. Almost all these grounds and stadiums are open in Pune. A letter has been sent to the Pune Sub Area Officer of South Command to restart the racecourse and the racecourse will start soon,’ said Pradip Pardeshi, a local citizen and sports coach.


Web Title : Pune News | Citizens disappointed as Racecourse closed despite easing restrictions

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