Pune | MLC Amol Mitkari warns Ajit Pawar’s detractors

by Team Deccan Express
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Pune : deccan express MLC Amol Mitkari has warned the detractors of Deputy Chief Minister and District Guardian Minister Ajit Pawar. He said Pawar gets every detail about the MLAs in Pune as to where they go at what time, where they take a halt and which hotels they visit. When they criticise Ajit Pawar, they should better keep this in mind. Mitkari was speaking to a TV news channel.


Mitkari’s remarks follow BJP state president Chandrakant Patil’s criticism of Ajit Pawar that he does not listen to others’ views and takes decisions unilaterally. He does not take MLAs in the district into confidence while taking administrative decisions.


Ajit Pawar gives appointment to a person as per his importance

Mitkari said, “Ajit Pawar has a long administrative experience. Some of the MLAs will have to spend many years to match his experience. Ajit Pawar has a good plan before he gives time to a person. Hence, he spends time as per the person’s importance. This is crystal clear.”


Some people complain that Ajit Pawar does not take them into confidence. Ajit Pawar has a vast experience in politics. So, he knows how much time he would give to a person. How many times Chandrakant Patil visits Ajit Pawar and how much time he spends with him is his personal matter. However, Ajit Pawar knows how much time he would give to Patil, said MLC Mitkari.


Chandrakant Patil recently made some statements out of frustration. He speaks whatever comes to his mind. Therefore, Ajit Pawar may not want to waste his administrative time in meeting such good-for-nothing people. There is a proverb ‘fly on the wall’. Ajit Pawar’s hearing sense is as sharp as his eyesight, said the MLC.


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