Pune | 30-year-old woman suffers rare kidney failure after snakebite, recovers at Noble Hospital, Pune after treatment

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Pune : deccan express A rare case was reported at the Nobel Hospital, Hadapsar. A woman was admitted to the hospital last month. Both her kidneys had failed following a snakebite. The 30-year-old woman was given dialysis treatment for six weeks. She has been completely cured now, claimed officials from the Noble Hospital.


Giving details about the case, Dr Avinash Ignatius said the woman was brought to the emergency ward on December 2. Her urinary tract had contracted extraordinarily. Her private parts had swollen. Her kidneys had failed. She was immediately shifted to the ICU ward.


She underwent a blood test. Her red blood cell and platelet count had dropped. After a few more tests, she was diagnosed with rare hemolytic uremic syndrome (HUS). It can be caused by a snakebite. A kidney biopsy was done to confirm HUS, which was confirmed.


She urgently needed dialysis. The plasmapheresis treatment was also started immediately. Her kidneys could have been permanently damaged, in the case of delay in treatment. It could have been life-threatening. Impure plasma was removed through plasmapheresis treatment using a special plasma-filter. Pure plasma was transfused. She got dialysis treatment for six weeks.


After six weeks, the woman was cured of HUS. Her dialysis treatment has been stopped. She is cured now and her kidneys are functioning normally. It is a rare case. According to a study published in the Indian Journal of Nephrology, there have been only 30 patients suffering from HUS across the world till date.


The woman was treated after diagnosing this rare condition and got completely cured.


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