Profile Of 1196 Beggars Prepared, Many Have Studied Up To MA & M.Com

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Jaipur : Jaipur Police have taken a big step under social concerns. To make PinkCity beggar-free, all the beggars of the city have been identified and their complete profile has been prepared. Rehabilitation work of these beggars has started from 15 August. Of the 1196 beggars marked, five are graduate and post graduate are also included. According to the skill of beggars, efforts will be made to give them work opportunities. At the same time, focus will also be on the education of their children.

In the lockdown during the Corona crisis, there was a big crisis on the beggars’ livelihood. During this period, the eyes of DGP Bhupendra Singh Yadav went to this problem of beggars. He gave the responsibility of rehabilitation of beggars to Jaipur Police under social concerns. Jaipur police started the work towards making the city beggar-free and prepared four different teams and prepared a complete profile of 1196 beggars of Pink City. Points like education, health, age, gender, skill were included in the beggars identified on the basis of 26 points.

When the profile was prepared, it came out that 5 of them have studied up to UG and PG. While 193 beggars have studied from class one to 12 and 39 are literate. Out of 1196 beggars, 231 know the work of ditching, then 103 can do wages. 27 can do study related work, 59 catering, 9 scrap, 7 of hotel, 2 sweeping, 9 security guard and 7 cleaning work. Of the total beggars, 117 are ready to do any work, while there are 160 beggars who do not want to do any work. During the rehabilitation of 12 beggars, 5 of them have been found to be corona infected.

According to Additional Police Commissioner Ajaypal Lamba, among the five beggars who have graduated, some have done B.Com and some have done M.Com and M.A. At the same time, these include those who left graduation in the middle. However, all have joined the beggary on their own free will. After coming to know that beggars are educated, there is also a thought to provide work opportunities to educated beggars. For this, assistance of the Social Welfare Department, District Administration and NGO will also be taken.

No criminal background of any beggar
The maximum of 800 beggars identified are from Rajasthan. While 95 beggars are from Uttar Pradesh. Beggars from 18 states are present in Jaipur. Of these, there are 150 Divyang, while others have some disease. No beggar’s criminal background has been revealed so far in this police campaign.

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