Ex-trustees & Disciples of Osho stage a protest at the Osho International Centre in Koregaon Park

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Pune: Deccan ExpressOsho Teerth Park | Former trustee of the Osho International Foundation and the editor of Osho World, Swami Chaitanya Kirti along with hundreds of disciples of Osho protested at the Osho International Centre in Koregaon Park on Wednesday over several issues and claimed that they were not allowed to enter the commune. They also alleged that there is a foreign conspiracy to kill Osho’s philosophy & management has denied taking blessings. (Osho Teerth Park)


Many followers came to the centre today to visit the commune as it was Guru Poornima, but the authorities did not give them entry, stating that the norms did not allow it. However, a curfew was imposed in the area of this ashram. All the revenue earned from Osho’s intellectual property is diverted elsewhere. The present administration is trying to sell the ashram property, mentioned Swami Chaitanya Kirti and raised the issues of selling the land of Osho Ashram, restrictions on not wearing Osho necklace, rights of Osho literature etc.



Further, he said, “Osho’s birth and death place, Samadhi is in India. He spent most of his time in India. However, Westerners have the recognition rights of Osho’s intellectual property, books, audio tapes, audiovisual tapes, and trust property. The headquarters of Osho International has been shifted to Zurich, where all the benefits are going. Many restrictions are being imposed on followers without allowing Osho’s thoughts to reach the people. All the money from the literature claiming Osho’s intellectual property goes to Zurich. Indian Osho Ashrams, especially those in Pune, do not get any income from it. On the contrary, they are showing their dominance over the management here. Attempts are being made to sell the property of the ashram. It’s all a conspiracy to end Osho’s thoughts & philosophy.”


Osho is the wealth of India. In order to reach more people with their ideas, they always say, make it available at a very reasonable price. Now, however, foreigners are claiming every one of their literature, making it difficult for them to reach the world. Everything is under control from Zurich. Since all of these assets and intellectual property do not come to India, the management of the ashrams here is in question. And as a solution to that, we object to the land being sold to each other illegally. Cases are pending in the Charity Commissioner and the High Court. They have made the Indian management their arm by keeping only the nominees. We hear about the importance of the necklace given to us by Osho in many of his discourses, so who is this foreigner who binds us not to wear it? he asked.


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