NCP MP Dr Amol Kolhe repents Nathuram role at Mahatma Gandhi memorial in Alandi

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Alandi : deccan express MP Dr Amol Kolhe | Many fans, followers and party workers have been upset with NCP MP Dr Amol Kolhe’s role as Nathuram Godse in the film ‘Why I killed Gandhi’. Leaders from the NCP and the Congress also flayed his role in the film. Release of the film was also opposed. Dr Kolhe also expressed his views about the film.


However, the topic became a point of debate in political circles. An aggressive stance was taken by the Congress against the issue. In this background, NCP MP Dr Amol Kolhe did self-repentance at Alandi on Saturday.


On the eve of death anniversary of the Father of Nation, he visited the memorial of Mahatma Gandhi on the banks of Indrayani river in Alandi, where he paid tribute to Mahatma Gandhi and apologised to all those whom he may have hurt unintentionally.


Later, expressing his views, Dr Kolhe said, “Playing the role of Nathuram Godse in ‘Why I killed Gandhi’ did not mean I agreed to Godse’s views. Mahatma Gandhi’s thoughts cannot be erased through an article, a play or a film. Reactions in sections of the youth underlined that Gandhiji’s thoughts have taken deep roots in the young generation. I have never justified the killing of Mahatma Gandhi and I would never do it in the future also. However, I apologise to those whose feelings have been hurt.”


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