Nanasaheb Gaikwad | Businessman Nanasaheb Gaikwad and his family have monthly turnover of Rs 100 crore; Shocking information revealed in police investigation

by Team Deccan Express
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Pune : Deccan Express -Nanasaheb Gaikwad  | Nanasaheb Gaikwad and his son Kedar alias Ganesh Gaikwad have been arrested by the Pune and Pimpri police under the MCOCA Act. With the arrest of Deepa Gaikwad, the number of accused among Gaikwad members has gone up to nine. It has been revealed that all the legal turnover of Gaikwad and his family members is in a house worth Rs 100 crore. Police are investigating the matter further.

Police recently raided the house of Gaikwad family in Aundh, where they have been booked for various serious offenses including private lending. However, some documents, forcibly written by people, unaccounted assets, cash are still hidden by the accused in unknown places. Deepa Gaikwad has been found to be the main culprit in hiding all these documents. She has been arrested by the police and remanded in police custody.

The police custody of Nanasaheb alias Bhau Shankar Rao Gaikwad (70), Nanda Nanasaheb Gaikwad (65) and Ganesh alias Kedar Nanasaheb Gaikwad (all resident of NSG House, Aundh) has been extended till September 3. It’s term expires tomorrow.

Gaikwad’s CCTV set in his house was switched off and the available DVRs as well as other electronic devices were found to have been tampered with. Also many documents have been removed from the files. Prosecutor Vijay Fargade has pointed out to the court that a currency counting machine was found in Nanasaheb Gaikwad’s bedroom. Pushkar Durga, Sachin Zalte, Rishikesh Dhumal are looking after the case on behalf of the original plaintiff. Assistant Commissioner of Police Bajrang Desai is investigating the case.

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