Rs 12 crore sanctioned for supplying power to settlements near 24 villages in Mulshi, Velhe and Haveli talukas

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Pune : Deccan ExpressMP Supriya Sule | The district planning committee has allocated Rs 12 crore for supplying power to settlements near 24 villages in Mulshi, Velhe and Haveli talukas in Baramati Lok Sabha constituency. This has become possible through sustained efforts made by MP Supriya Sule and she has thanked Guardian Minister Ajit Pawar for his help.


MP Supriya Sule is making continuous efforts to solve the electricity problems of hilly and remote areas in Mulshi and Velhe talukas. From the approved funds of Rs 12 crore, in Mulshi taluka, power will be supplied to Vegre, Kondur, Mose-Dadavli, Admal-Pasalkar Vasti, Vanjale-Ramwadi, Jatade-Kudlevasti, Pomgaon-Katar Vasti and in Velhe taluka, Disar-Bhebevasti, Dhanep-Dhangarvasti, Ghavar-Ghavarvadivasti, Bhaginaghar-Vadivasti, Bhatti-Vaghdara-Dhebvasti, Survad-Vadivasti, Mangaon-Kumbhtalvasti, Rule-Kalubaicha Wada, Shirkoli-Gharkulvasti, Kuran-Morevasti, Khamgaon-Taljaivasti, Varoti-Jananimata Mandir, Kondhvali-Crematorium, Ketkavne-Crematorium, Dadvadi-Vasti, Varghad-Birobawadi.


Apart from these two talukas, electricity supply is also required at Thakarwadi and Dhangarwada in Aglambe and it will be supplied soon, said Supriya Sule. She was constantly emphasising that funds are needed to provide electricity to settlements near these 24 villages, temples and crematoriums by sending letters and personally meeting officials.


Her efforts have yielded success and Guardian Minister Ajit Pawar has made funds of Rs 12 crore available from the district planning committee. Power will be supplied to all these places from the funds and the darkness will be dispelled soon. Supriya Sule has thanked Ajit Pawar for his gesture.


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