Makeup | What is a makeup primer and how to apply it?

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Deccan ExpressMakeup | Girls are very fond of doing makeup. No matter what, almost all girls love the glow and radiant look that makeup gives. At the same time, when it gets spoiled after a while after applying makeup, then it feels very bad. By the way, there are many types of beauty products available in the market to make makeup last longer. If you know the right information about these products and the right way to use them, then you’ll definitely get a radiant look. One such product is Makeup Primer. Its demand is increasing in the market with time, but many people are still unaware of what a makeup primer is. Some people know about primer, but they do not have accurate information about how to apply makeup primer and its benefits.


What is Primer?

Who doesn’t love to put on makeup and look beautiful? If you are also fond of makeup, then you must definitely use a makeup primer. At the same time, many people are not aware of what a primer is. Actually, makeup primer is nothing but a beauty product that forms a layer between makeup and your face. Simply put, it is a base for makeup and foundation. It is applied on the face before applying makeup. With its help, the makeup stays on the face for several hours. Apart from this, the advantages of makeup primer are many, which we will talk about in detail further in the article.


How to choose a makeup primer according to your skin type?

While buying a primer, one should always make sure that it is suitable for your skin type. Here we are telling how to choose the right primer.


A matte primer can be used for oily skin.

– Choose a hydrating primer for dry and dry skin. Make sure that the words ‘soothing’ or ‘hydrating’ are written on the pack of the primer. Those with dry skin can also use a gel-based primer.
– If there is acne on the face or if you have very sensitive skin, then you can opt for a water-based primer. Applying a silicone-based primer to acne-prone skin can clog pores, which can increase the risk of acne breakouts.
– People who are mostly has red tone face should use green tint primer.
– Choose a primer that is made from ingredients that nourish the face.
– Older people should use a primer containing antioxidants.


Prepare your face before applying primer

– Wash and exfoliate your face thoroughly before applying primer.
– After cleaning the face, wipe it with a towel or allow it to dry on its own.
– Now apply a good and light moisturizer on the face.
– If you want the makeup to stay on the face for hours, then it is very important to do this.


How to Apply Primer:

– After cleansing the face, take a primer as needed on the back of the hand.
– Now apply primer with the help of finger tips.
– Begin applying the primer from the upper part of the nose.
– Now gently apply it all over the face with the help of finger tips.
– Pay special attention to those places where makeup does not stick. Especially, in the T-zone.
– Wait for some time after applying the primer.
– Give it time to blend into the skin.
– Apply foundation after primer.
– If you do not want to do makeup, then you can leave the face as it is after applying the primer.
– It will help to fill the pores of the face and give it a smooth texture.


Benefits of using makeup primer

– Prevents makeup from spreading.
– Makeup stays on the face for hours after applying the primer.
– Protects the skin from chemicals used in beauty products by acting as a layer between the face and makeup.
– The face will look toned.
– There will be a glow on the skin.
– The skin will start feeling soft and smooth.
– Helps in correcting uneven tone of the face.
– Works to hide wrinkles and fine lines.
– Covers redness and yellowing of the face

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