Maharashtra: Shiv Sena claims, few senior police officials are trying to destabilise government

by pranjalipargaonkar
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Mumbai: On monday, Shiv Sena alerted Maha Vikas Aghadi Government over certain police officers who are involved in insidious way to destabilise the state government. It has asked all the parties to be cautious of such officers.

In an editorial in Saamna, the party mouthpiece, it stated- If someone thinks that they can overthrow this government with the help of certain sympathetic officers than they are living in fool’s paradise. There are few officers who are working in top profiles yet ensuring that the Thackeray government is not to be formed. Desspite of the Thackeray government coming to power, they behave as if no one can do anything to them. The government faces danger from people with these tendencies.

There have been suggestions of a growing suspicion in the state government against a section of senior police officers and their loyalties to Opposition BJP.

Further the editorial stated, “What does destabilising a government mean? It entails passing on information of this government to the Opposition and creating discontent in the administration against this government. It is the Home Ministry’s job to keep an eye on such people. If they do this diligently, then the future of this government is secured.

The mouthpiece indirectly said that an attempt was made by some senior police officers to stop the MVA government coming to power. It pointed out, the administration was under the illusion, before and after the polls, that the Fadnavis government would return to power. The officers took some time to digest the fact that the BJP could not form the government despite having the strength of 105 legislators.

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